Make money by selling T-shirts with Sunfrog

Make money by selling T-shirts with Sunfrog


As you well know. This week they have opened 3 webinar to guide dear blog readers how to make money by selling T-shirts with Sunfrog (Helped himself to earn thousands of dollars per month) and you've very excited with this method .
I was back video of the Webinar tutorials and if you missed the webinar, you can see the video tutorial below in. Wish you learn useful knowledge.

Some useful addresses:

  • Register Sunfrog receive 40% commission (instead of 35% as đk at home): Click here
  • Sign up to receive money from Sunfrog Payoneer and get $ 25 bonus: Click here
  • Join group support for instructions more: Click Here

Note: If you click the register link above, but only 35% are considered reasons and solutions below:

Some of you have problems registering an account through our referral link to get 40% instead of 35% when registering on the homepage. The reason is because there is ability in at registration, you have entered an incorrect password (do not overlap) or wrong captcha code and page load error, when the page reloads for you retype it lost referral link Should you only get 35%! Thus upon registration, to ensure you get 40%, please do the following:

  1. Click  this referral link
  2. Fill accurately, avoid mistakes to register 1 times Successful
  3. In case you enter wrong and page reloads, please click on the link in step 1 to fill the
  4. Login to your account -> Select Detail in My Account and check Affiliate Rate was 40% see no. If the correct okay then. You can see below!

Ky Dang Sunfrog

 Register account Sunfrog

Long term Sunfrog faulty registration so you follow the following steps see nhé

  • Bước 1: Bấm link sau đó xem cookies nếu thấy AffiliateID = 42427 , Cookie = 42427 thì ok đăng ký
  • Step 2: Link register
  • NOTE: In step 1, if the cookie is not 42427, then press the Clear Session information then click the link wait 3 hours back to step 1