For Mother's Day - some Irish mammy stats!

For Mother's Day - some Irish mammy stats!

For Mother's Day - some Irish mammy stats!

Research commissioned by Beko celebrating the launch of the Woman’s Way and Beko Mum of the Year awards has highlighted some very interesting findings ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday.

During people’s lifetimes, one in two (52%) adults have experienced a moment whereby they realised they had turned into their mother with females (81%) significantly more likely to have experienced this moment compared to almost a quarter of males (23%).

Ahead of Mother’s Day, which takes place this Sunday (26th) it has been revealed that one in five (19%) adults claim to have forgotten to buy their mother a gift for Mother’s Day on a few occasions, with males (26%) guiltier of this compared to their female (12%) counterparts.

Ahead of daylight saving time/the clocks going forward an hour this weekend, ‘There’s a grand stretch in the evening’ has been revealed as one of our top three favourite Irish Mammy phrases along with, ‘There’s great drying in that weather’ with, ‘A letter came in the post for you, will I open it?’ finalising the top three.

Focusing on relationships, our mothers' approval of our other half is important to six out of 10 (58%) of us, with her approval being more important for females (65%) compared to males (51%) and interestingly highest for those aged 18-24 (77%). Our partners being different to our mothers is viewed as a positive and makes for a happy relationship for obe in two  (53%) adults. Conversely, one in four (26%) claim that having some similarities to our mothers can make for a happy relationship.

In terms of what adults still rely upon their mothers for, advice (39%) comes in highest followed by a dinner (23%) from time-to-time. Those aged 18-24 appear highly reliant on their mothers for cooking dinner from time to time (68%) and washing and ironing their clothes (51%).

For adults calling into our mothers at least once a week, the most popular reasons include her cups of tea (57%), her advice (48%), washing and ironing (38%) and dinner (37%).

Shane Kelly, sales and marketing manager for Beko says: “Beko is delighted to be involved with the Woman’s Way Mum of the Year award. As part of the partnership we wanted to commission quirky research to celebrate Irish Mothers who play a huge part in our lives. Beko has been part of Irish families for over 25 years and are extremely proud to help recognise the fantastic role Ireland’s mums play in their home and communities right across the country. The courage and strength of character from last year’s nominees was nothing short of amazing and it is so important we recognise their role in our society”.

If you know a Mum who deserves recognition, complete the nomination form in the current issue of Woman’s Way or log onto The closing date for entries is May 5, 2017.