Chicago Comes Together To Save Jingles The Dog

Chicago Comes Together To Save Jingles The Dog

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Just days after being rescued from an abandoned neighborhood garage, a 6-year-old black lab was brought in for a check-up. His new owner wanted to help Jingles have the life he deserved.

While everyone hoped for the best, Jingles unfortunately tested positive for heartworm disease, which requires a very lengthy and expensive treatment.

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That was back in August of 2015 and fortunately the dog was examined at the Pet Well Clinic hosted by Spay Illinois, which was not about to give up on this animal.

They rallied everyone to work together to help raise the thousands of dollars it would cost to treat Jingles’ disease, and demonstrate that his life mattered.
“Together, we did it!” said Spay Illinois in a note to its supporters.

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“Today Jingles is back to receive a neuter surgery. His blood test officially came back negative for heartworm disease and he can now live the happy and healthy life he deserved from