3-Legged Dog Awarded Highest Military Honor For Bravery

3-Legged Dog Awarded Highest Military Honor For Bravery

This dedicated bomb-sniffing dog is getting the recognition she deserves.

A 12-year-old German shepherd named Lucca has spent the last six years protecting Marines by smelling out explosives overseas. Not a single soldier ever died on her watch.

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On what would be her last mission in Afghanistan, Lucca discovered a 30-pound homemade bomb and while she was sniffing for others, its detonation robbed her of her front leg.

Corporal Juan Rodriguez felt so much gratitude to the pooch for the number of times Lucca saved the lives of her Marines, he vowed not to leave her side at the hospital during her recovery.

Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Willingham has even made the loyal canine part of his family, providing a luxurious retirement in California.

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Lucca is the first U.S. Marine Corps dog to be awarded the Dickin Medal – the animal version of the Victoria Cross – in honor of courage and bravery.

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