Basketball coach raises money for AEDs in the community after one helped save his life

ROSEMOUNT, Minn. -- The Rosemount girls basketball team is one of the best in Minnesota.

"They're just a fun group to be around every day," said the Irish's head coach, Chris Orr, who, almost wasn't around. As WCCO first reported after it happened in March of 2017, Orr had a heart attack while teaching a gym class.

"I remember starting it and next thing you know I woke up in a hospital bed," he said.

Orr had a 6% chance of survival. His coworkers who administered CPR and an AED helped beat those odds.

"Without those two for sure I would not be here," Orr said.

Nearly six years later, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was in a very similar situation on Monday Night Football.

"When I saw it happen I just knew that that's what he was experiencing," said Chris's wife Amber who was watching the game with their nine-year-old daughter.

"'That's what happened to daddy,' I think it was my middle child, Maya, that said that," said Chris. "So that was kinda eerie."

"This past week we've really been processing a lot of questions and whatnot just knowing that she knows that that happened to dad," said Amber.

This week, Chris has received many messages because of the parallels between him and Hamlin. And because of the work he and Amber have done.

"Each year at a home game we usually host a Hoops for Heart night in conjunction with the American Heart Association," said Chris.

The Orrs have raised money to place AEDs where they're needed around the community--including recently one at the Rosemount High School football stadium.

"Every time somebody drives by, they're gonna see it," said Orr.

They hope the national attention saves lives.

"When people are at a public place they know to look for an AED, so they know when they're in that situation, or if they ever are, they know where to find one," said Amber.

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